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Working to help the animals of Cozumel non stop since 1996

The clinic/shelter was opened in April 1996. They started with two rooms, no electricity, 24 kennels, one vet and one kennel worker. They have been growing steadily since then and now they are capable of helping more. Nowadays they have a full time staff of 7, and have over 60 dogs, puppies and 100+ cats under their care at any one time. They receive an average of 40 animals per month, found astray or relinquished by their owners for a variety of reasons. They do their best to care for them and place them in good, loving homes. A very important part of their work is on a bigger scale. Their long term goal is to fully change the approach towards dog and cat overpopulation; all prevention of litters, and no more extermination. They have been promoting this gradually through talks, presentations, campaigns and presentations by guest lecturers from well known groups. And also, of course, through a continued, free spay and neuter program. They hope you enjoy this website and that you will share with them the warm feeling of caring for individual animals in need, and the sense of achievement of gradually making a difference for large numbers of them. Their work for the animals is made possible by many wonderful humans who contribute their time, talents and or money to the cause, and to them they are immensely grateful.