Cozumel, Below

Cozumel.  Just the mention of the name brings a smile to many a scuba diver’s face.

Since Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and others claimed it as one of the top dive destinations in the world in the 1960’s, divers have been coming here from all over the planet to see the magnificent walls, towering pinnacles and colorful garden dives for themselves.

Cozumel Below is the first in a series of underwater photography books by award winning photographer, Marc “Sharky” Volkman.  Covering nearly a decade of documentation, Cozumel Below is loaded with over 140 full color, high resolution photos of Cozumel’s reefs and sea life, with personal commentary by the author.

Now you can have the beauty of Cozumel’s reefs right at your fingertips…and you don’t have to visit the island to get it!  It’s now available online in soft cover and two hard cover editions and can be shipped directly to your home.

Click here to see a live preview of the book and purchase it directly from the website. Click here to get the e-book version!

Cozumel’s magical underwater world wrapped up in a nice little package just for you!