Advertising and Sponsorships

It is absolutely FREE to have your beach / vacation / island business (anywhere in the World) listed with us on the drop-down menus on our website!!

Just send us your information: name of company, address (or island location) and phone number and we will get it on our world wide listings.


Basic Advertising Package: To get an ad our homepage “ad banner scroll” AND  an ‘on-air’ Music Block (or other segment) sponsorship it is just $120 for an entire year! That averages to just $10 per month! You can’t get that kind of advertising pricing anywhere! Your “ad” will air several times a day as well as be right up front on our website homepage, with a link to your business website or social media page. We will also make posts and share your posts on our social media pages to help promote your business.

NOTE: We will also consider a product or services exchange worth $120 for this package.


SEEKING MAJOR SPONSORS! We are seeking 1 -4 Major station sponsors to take this station to the next level.

1 . Your business can be the sole sponsor of this station for just $5000 for an entire year, we would prefer a 2 year commitment, but will consider a one year sponsorship. This will get your company logo top billing along side our logo at the top of all pages on our website, and an ad banner on our scrolling banners with a link to your website or social media page, and an ad in the proper place of our pull-down menus. Plus, special on-air advertising and “this station is brought to you by (your company name)” station ID’s

2. If we have multiple companies interested in Major Sponsorships, we are willing to spit the $5000 yearly fee between them. All conditions above will apply. 

 contact us for more information.



– Blocks of music – “This portion of BeachBarRadio is brought to you by (your company name and brief description here)”

– Dive Reports

  (Dive Operations! We are looking for dive op/DM’s to do Dive Reports for us! If you will commit to doing a Dive Report with us AT LEAST once every other week, we will give your dive operation FREE plugs!)

– Lan’Shark Reports (community events and calendar segments)

  NOTE: We will also consider a product or services exchange worth $120 for this package.



Contact us for details!