About Beach Bar Radio KCZM


 So you are sitting in a thatched roof shack on a beach somewhere … it could be anywhere.

Coconut tree lined white sand stretches as far as you can see to your right, and to your left. Birds chirp and scurry across the “patio’s” low sloped, corrugated tin roof and around the sandy floor looking for dropped morsels of food.
Ahead, white foam forms where the sea meets the sand, and beyond that, every color of blue you could possibly imagine.
A gentle trade wind blows in off the sea, knocking down the day’s humidity and cooling the bar.
Your bartender has a warm friendly smile, a good ear .. and a heavy hand as he dances around behind the bar in his bare feet playing “name that song!”.
Over the music system you hear a great classic rock anchored mix of music. Reggae, Trop music, country classics and new; blues, soul and about every genre of modern popular music from the Be Bop era through today’s best fill the air.
WELCOME to Cozumel Beach Bar Radio KCZM – Where we’re Always on Island Time! 


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